Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dishing the Dirt

Happy 2007 to all, may it suck less than 2006 did.

On to the TV stuff.

Normally, the TV gods make us wait until mid-January before the hint of fresh, new episodes comes up, but Hanukkah Harry has been good to us this year already, since there's a bunch of new stuff this week. Of course, none of the networks bothered to send me any advance copies, so I can't really review anything, just tell you what's on.

Tonight leads off with a new series, "dirt" (FX, 10 p.m.), with former "Friends" star Courtney Cox as the editor of a tabloid magazine.

I'll be checking out the pilot, at least, for two reasons. One, the world of tabloid journalism and paparazzi may be repellent to me, but I wasn't exactly a big fan of high fashion, either, and I love "Ugly Betty." Any subject matter that is well-written and done well has the potential to be interesting. So I am waiting to pass judgment on that.

Two, it's on FX. That alone means it has some potential.

If FX was a baseball pitcher, it'd be Pedro Martinez - not a full slate of starts, but generally quality ones when he does go. FX doesn't have a tremendous amount of original material on the air, but boy, it's quite the lineup with what it has.

Both "The Shield" and "Rescue Me" made my personal Top 10 list, and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was an honorable mention. I don't personally watch "Nip/Tuck," but it does have quite the loyal fan base. Even shows that didn't take, such as "Over There" and "Lucky," drew their fair share of critical praise.

It makes you wonder why Rupert Murdoch doesn't put the people in charge of FX in charge of the Fox network instead. For every "House" or "24," there are about a zillion missteps and only so many bombs that "American Idol" can make up for.

It will be interesting to see if "dirt" can carry on the FX trend. Cox will be playing against type as the rather unlikeable editor of a trashy tabloid, and from what I have read, none of the other characters are particularly likeable. Of course, you could say the same thing about "The Shield." None of those characters are particularly likeable, but all of them are extremely compelling.

One final note, for those who plan on recording "dirt," the pilot runs at least four minutes long, so leave a little extra on the end.


The Demon Deacons square off with Louisville tonight in the Orange Bowl (Fox, 8 p.m.) Normally, I wouldn't care less about Wake, but I went against the field in my office college bowl pool (not for money, mind you, because that would be gambling, which would be wrong) and a Wake win, coupled with my USC victory last night, puts me in a strong position to do well in the pool.

For pride's sake, of course.


Zodin2008 said...

Louisville is a much, much stronger team so I am really not sure why you picked Wake.

As a Georgia alum, I wish the SEC had better then a current 4-3 record (with 2, LSU & Florida, still left to play), but one thing the SEC showed is that it's loads better then the overrated ACC.

Two unranked SEC teams (Georgia and Kentucky) dropped two ranked ACC teams (Clemson and Virginia Tech) which should end any arguments as to who has the better conference--though 9 of 12 teams from the SEC making Bowl games should have clearly stated that.

And despite those 2 Big Ten over SEC wins, I DON'T want to hear the Big Ten is better...they had 3 good teams (Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin) and one mediocre team (Penn State) and the rest of the 7 teams were garbage. It's just a shame that Arkansas and Tennessee couldn't have further emphasized this by winning their respective games.

OK, off my soapbox, I would prefer that FX (siince I actually like the network) be compared to John Smoltz and not a whiny primadonna like Pedro Martinez; that being said, the advanced reviews from ALL the critics I trust, generally, is that this show is bad. The subject matter didn't interest me so good reviews would have brought me on board.

The bad reviews with the terrible subject matter (I think every Paparazzi should be put in jail for 30 years...these people are animalistic scumbags) means zero interest. "Ugly Betty" had such fantastic reviews, that I came on board despite the subject matter. And I was happy.

Anonymous said...

NBC showed Chapter 7 of Heroes Monday! I can proudly say that I am all caught up now, and have even gotten my mom and grandmother hooked.


your pool competition said...

Go Louisville!

I'll be hitting REC on the DVR for dirt so I can watch the game.

Phillip Ramati said...

A) You have to pick an upset here or there, otherwise you have no chance to win. I got a big win with USC, because the majority went with Michigan.

B) Glad you are caught up, Gina!

C) I try to give new shows a chance and not rely on critics. FX has a good enough track record that the pilot will get a look.