Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's O-Day!

I'm typing up this entry at 10 a.m., exactly six hours from when the Macon episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" airs today.

And, after a story for tomorrow's print edition of The Telegraph about people watching the show, I should FINALLY be free of Oprah.

Hey, I've got nothing against Oprah, but having written roughly 10,000 words about her over the past week or so, giving up most of my weekend, and getting shoved around by rabid Oprah fans while trying to shoot video, the whole thing is wearing a little thin. That doesn't include the 200 or so ticket requests I received before she came. Hey, if I had Oprah tickets, I'd have scalped them and taken early retirement.

But there's no denying that Oprah's visit has been a great boost to the city in both economics and prestige. Oprah carries the golden touch with whatever she touches, and her visit should be a boost to tourism and industry here for years to come.

CASTING NEWS: The new "Knight Rider" TV-movie, scheduled as a backdoor pilot for a remake of the not-so-classic series, should be adding David Hasselhoff to the cast. In a tweaking to the script, Hasselhoff would reprise his role as Michael Knight and new star Justin Bruening would play his son. Wow, can't wait to see that...

MONDAY RECAP: Kudos to NBC last night for delivering a great block of TV. "Chuck" continues to be one of the season's early gems and "Heroes" has delivered episodes the last three weeks that are on par with most of last season, including the great twist at the end of last night's installment. "Journeyman" has gotten better every week, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the direction the show has taken with the overall story arc of Dan's travels and the affects they have on his family life.

TUESDAY'S BEST BETS: You know, when ABC ran "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," it drew double the ratings of "Cavemen" and "Carpoolers" in that time slot, even though it's been around for 40 years. So I have to think the network suits are pleased to run "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" (ABC, 8 p.m.) and "He's A Bully, Charlie Brown," tonight and pull two of the lamest sitcoms around. It's followed by "Dancing With the Stars," with guest Avril Lavigne (there's a combo you never thought you'd see) and "The Bachelor."

"Bones" (Fox, 8 p.m.) will gradually be bringing Bones and Booth closer together, but I don't know if that will be evident tonight. It's followed by a new "House" at 9 p.m.

CBS is all-new with "NCIS," "The Unit" and "Cane."

NBC is showing a two-hour "Biggest Loser," followed by a new "Law & Order: SVU."


Jonathan said...

No offense to Johnny Carson, and I don't watch "Oprah," but how she could not be considered the top TV icon is beyond me. I can't think of anyone that would deserve it more when you consider what her status has built up to and how long her reign on TV talk shows has lasted.

And while NBC was great last night with its line-up, and I hope what I hear about "Journeyman's" less than stellar chances to go on much longer are not true, "Slapsgiving" won the night for me. That was by far the funniest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" yet this season and once again proved how much of a pop cultural impact this show should be (Slap Bets, the Salute, etc.). This is as good at times, if not better, as "Seinfeld" and "Friends" ever were, and unfortunately it will be a miracle if it makes it past this season. At least the network honchos seem to like it, so maybe that will actually give it a couple of more seasons. I really hope so.

Phillip Ramati said...

It might be because Carson spanned so many generations why he is No. 1. The whole thing is very subjective.

HIMYM was great last night, but I preferred Slap #2, because it came so unexpectedly. Can't wait to see how Marshall uses the final two.

zodin2008 said...

I love HIMYM, but last night's episode reminded me of a "Friends" episode when it was the gang +1 (I believe it was maybe Rachel with the date?).

Believe me, "Mother" is funnier, but still, "Friends" was there first.

"Chuck" and "Journeyman" were fantastic and "Heroes" has at least been better.