Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm Your Oprah Man

Sorry for the late and short posting, but election night gets a little crazy.

With Oprah Winfrey's visit to Macon Nov. 17, I'm looking for the biggest Oprah fan in Middle Georgia. (When I say biggest, I mean most fervent, not necessarily someone who is very tall).

You can e-mail me at pramati@macon.com and tell me why you are her No. 1 fan. Please don't be a crazed, obsessive stalker (at least, don't stalk me; I'm sure Oprah has much better security).

DO NOT CALL ME. If you don't have e-mail, find someone who does.

Finally, I DO NOT HAVE TICKETS, nor do I know of anyone who does who is giving them away, so please stop asking me. If you submitted your name to her producers for tickets and haven't heard or received them by now, odds are you weren't picked, because all of the tickets have been distributed.

MONDAY RECAP: "Heroes" turned in its best effort of the season thus far, since it actually decided to move the plots along. Of course, the producers went the opposite route they have done all season and packed too much into the episode rather than too little, but it should set up the final four episodes very nicely before the mini-finale Dec. 5.

WGA UPDATE: Nothing new on the Writers Guild of America strike, in terms of a settlement, at least. But production on three sitcoms — CBS' "Rules Of Engagement" and Fox's "Til Death" and "Back To You" — have ceased production because they are filmed before live studio audiences, often within a week of broadcast, because the writers are fine-tuning the jokes to the last minute.

TUESDAY'S BEST BETS: Everything is pretty much new tonight, so take your pick. Be warned, Middle Georgia viewers, some of the shows may have annoying breaks or crawls because of the election.

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zodin2008 said...

Sadly, my wife & I don't even know who's running in our local area Virginia elections. We're too focused on national stuff and that doesn't happen until next year so we are sitting this one out.

Tuesdays, I am now down to "Bones". I stopped watching "Reaper" halfway through last week's episode realizing I was forcing myself, not enjoying it, and a lot of my problems really do stem from the lead character. I don't like star Brett Harrison and he's impossible to root for or remotely give a rat's a-- about. The show screwed it up.

You need a show like "Buffy" or even take a current show like "Journeyman" or "Chuck" - in thise 2 new series, I am now emotionally invested in the lead characters of Dan Vasser & Chuck Bartowski. I CARE what happens to them - I will root for them and root for their families and friends against the bad guys in their world.

Personally, I just want the Devil (Ray Wise, the ONLY good thing on "reaper") to kill Sam and Sock off so we can have characters I could actually care about & root for.

If Sock (Tyler Labine) was the ONLY problem on "Reaper", I could either ignore him or hope they kill him off because he's the sidekick.

But when the lead sucks (again, like with the hard-to-watch "Bionic Woman", the lead actor, not just the writing, is the problem), you pretty much are stuck and can't fix it. I have a feeling that "Bionic" is the next show to be cut from my schedule. Of course, with the writer's strike, it will soon be a moot point anyway.