Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Naked Girls On The Internet

Catchy headline, huh? Sorry to disappoint, but we won't be posting any photos of any naked girls here.

No, this posting is dedicated to "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens, who had a rather unfortunate weekend when nude photos of the 18-year-old star were released online.

Hudgens, to her credit, didn't deny it was her in the photos. But it didn't stop speculation that the photos would damage her career or get her kicked off the forthcoming "HSM 3" when Disney starts production next year.

It would be a mistake on Disney's part to drop her. Yes, this is embarrassing for the Mouse's squeaky clean image, but odds are, most of the target audience for "HSM" isn't aware of the photos (and if they are, then parents need to do a better job of regulating the Internet). "HSM" is a gold mine for Disney, and odds are it won't mess with the formula of a good thing, and Hudgens is a big part of that.

You just hope Hudgens learns a lesson in discretion from this. If she doesn't, here are a couple of names of celebs who got their starts as part of the Disney empire: Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

MTV MUSIC AWARDS: Speaking of Britney, the first 10 minutes of Sunday's music awards show may have been the most God-awful, cringe-inducing sequence on TV in a long while. The lip-synching was just plain embarrassing, and the show didn't get any better from there. I'm not one of the biggest Sarah Silverman fans anyway, and the audience seemed just dead during the few minutes I forced myself to watch.

EMMY VOTING: Our Web guy, Ryan, has helpfully put up a big, giant link in the top right corner for you to vote. Remember, vote for who you think deserves to win the Emmys. We'll post the results of the poll and compare to the actual winners next Monday.

TUESDAY'S BEST BETS: While commemorating 9/11 today, you may want to check out "Nova" (PBS, 8 p.m.), which is about building on Ground Zero.

"The Biggest Loser" (NBC, 8 p.m.) kicks off its new season with a two-hour premiere.

On cable, there are new episodes of "Eureka" (Sci-Fi, 9 p.m.) and "Damages" (FX, 10 p.m.)

Finally, while I don't normally plug reruns, if you want to catch up on one TV's best comedies, you can catch "The Office" reruns on TBS, beginning at 10 p.m.


Anonymous said...

I read the Hudgens piece yesterday and I am torn now on this issue.

On one hand, I am 32 years old so I am not interested in HSM at all, and currently have no children - but I will have a child soon and when he's old enough to watch this stuff, I would probably care to try & block this stuff out. It's a balance I guess.

But yes, there are Cable and Internet safeguards that can allow parents up to a certain extent (though not block it entirely) bad information from their kids.

I didn't see the VMA Awards, and nor would I watch that either, but between the Britney catastrophe (she's a human train wreck and has taken the mantle of idiot, trashy blonde from the late Anna Nicole) & the Kid Rock-Tommy Lee slugfest (fighting over Pamela and her assets, of course) the VMA Awards is likely not to get confused with the Tony's anytime soon.

You don't exactly see Hugh Jackman lip synching from "The Boy from Oz" or Nathan Lane and Harvey Fierstein duking it out. Now that would be hilarious.

The Fall TV season for networks doesn't start tonight - I don't countr trifle reality stuff like "Loser". The TV season officially kicks off after the Emmys, on Monday night with the season 3 premier of "Prison Break" on Fox.

(though after season 2, my expectations are extremely low - really, I am biding my time until NBC premiers "Chuck" and CBS premiers, "How I Met Your Mother", the following week).

Phillip Ramati said...

I think it's more of a case of being bad judgment on the actress' part, and whether she will learn from her mistake or not.