Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Aftermath

Well, the Emmy voters have spoken.

And they said, "Boy, we have no clue what we're doing!"

James Spader?!? Seriously?!? (Taking a deep breath...)

OK, except for the bewildering selection of Spader, I can't say the Emmy voters did a terrible job. Of course, I should, since I went 2 of 10 for my predictions. But I qualify my choices by pointing out that trying to read the mind of the average Emmy voter is nearly impossible. (And, in the last Oscar pool, I only missed two picks in the ENTIRE list.)

More importantly, the Emmy voters weren't representative of the fan choices in my rather unscientific poll. Here are the results:

Best Drama
Winner: The Sopranos
Prediction: The Sopranos
TV Guy choice: Heroes
Fans' choice: The Sopranos (38%)
The only reason why I didn't pick The Sopranos was because of the uneven final season, and the pop culture impact of Heroes.

Best Actor
Winner: James Spader
Prediction: James Gandolfini
TV Guy/Fans' choice: Hugh Laurie (49%)
No comment. Why anything from Boston Legal earned a nomination is beyond me. Laurie's vote total was the highest in any category from you guys.

Best Actress
Winner: Sally Field
Prediction: Edie Falco
TV Guy pick: Falco
Fans' choice: Kyra Sedgwick (35%)
In hindsight, I was just dumb. I should have remembered than any voter in any award show likes Sally Field, really likes Sally Field. And my heart breaks for Edie for yet another year.

Supporting Actor
Winner: Terry O'Quinn
Prediction: Michael Imperioli
TV Guy pick: Michael Emerson
Fans' choice: T.R. Knight (37%)
OK, so I overestimated the love for The Sopranos. Didn't realize the blog has so many Grey's lovers. ...

Supporting Actress
Winner: Katherine Heigl
Prediction: Rachel Griffiths
TV Guy/Fans' choice: Heigl (25%)
This one really pleasantly surprised me, with so many Grey's actresses in the field.

Best Comedy
Winner: 30 Rock
Prediction: Ugly Betty
TV Guy choice: Ugly Betty
Fans' choice: The Office (30%)
Right instinct on the voters going with something new, just the wrong choice.

Best Actor
Winner: Ricky Gervais
Prediction: Alec Baldwin
TV Guy choice: Ricky Gervais
Fans' choice: Tony Shalhoub/Charlie Sheen (27%)
In this case, you readers thought more like the average Emmy voter than the average Emmy voter did. Go figure. Glad to see the win for Gervais, obviously. I think Baldwin might have been hurt by his off-camera drama with his ex-wife and daughter. That shouldn't be a factor in voting, IMO, but on the other hand, off-camera stuff probably cost Isiah Washington a shot at an Emmy nomination, so I guess it evens out on a karma scale.

Best Actress
Winner/Prediction/TV Guy & Fans' choice: America Ferrera (32%)
This one was close to a mortal lock, though the field was pretty strong.

Supporting Actor
Winner: Jeremy Piven
Prediction: Rainn Wilson
TV Guy/Fans' choice: Neil Patrick Harris (42%)
I can't really argue the Piven pick, but it's hard to pick an actor when they are going against a co-star, no matter what the category.

Supporting Actress
Winner: Jamie Pressley
Prediction/TV Guy pick: Jenna Fischer
Fans' choice: Vanessa Williams (33%)
In this case, I was more surprised by the readers than the voters. Pressley should have won last year, so it's nice she got it this year.

I'd have more to say about the Academy's voting, but a' la Ray Romano during the Emmy telecast, it'd just get bleeped out.

MONDAY'S BEST: I don't know if you can consider tonight the official start of the fall season or not, but Fox is all-new tonight with the ridiculous "Prison Break" (Fox, 8 p.m.) followed by the underwhelming "K-Ville" at 9 p.m.

"PB" seriously over-reached last season with its ridiculous conspiracy plot, and by getting rid of Sarah Wayne Callies, it leaves itself open with some major plot holes. Plus, Michael breaking his crew out of another prison seems a bit repetitive.

I reviewed "K-Ville" several posts ago, so you can look that up, but the short of it is the pilot seemed too familiar and awash in cop show cliches despite the potentially very interesting setting of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Donald Trump puts in a guest shot as the banker on "Deal or No Deal" (NBC, 8 p.m.)Hopefully, he doesn't try to fire Howie Mandel midway through the episode.

Finally, "Saving Grace" (TNT, 10 p.m.) is all-new.


zodin2008 said...

I am rather exhausted this morning railing against the Emmys, but the James Spader win last night was easily the lowest point of my evening. Inexplicable, asinine and downright stupid are words that come to my mind.

As for Hugh Laurie winning the TV Guy fan poll? Yuck. But at least if laurie at won, I might have still been pissed, but at least some people would be happy. Spader wins and nobody except the Spader family is happy. And I would just bet the Spader family was even quietly rooting for Gandolfini or Leary.

The Emmy broadcast in general was easily the worst one ever. Let's start with that evil, horrible, "American Idol" style round Fox stage. Yuck. Screw you, Fox, and stop turning everything in life to an extra "Idol" episode.

Since "Idol's" average age fan base is about 13 - 17 years old, why they felt the need to make a broadcast aimed at a much older audience like that - not to mention the horrible Ryan Seacrest being shoved down our throats as well.

Plus, the cut aways to silence during any part of a controversial speech was downright offensive. Censorship, I thought, was illegal in the U.S. Fox's handling of the entire night was shameful, disgusting and they should be banned from ever hosting any awards show ever. I HATE Fox.

As for the other awards, I was thrilled for Terry O'Quinn - my single happiest moment, even if I leaned towards co-star Michael Emerson. I am just happy that "Lost" got some small recognition. I was very happy for America Ferrera and "30 Rock" as well.

Sally Field should not have been allowed to steal Edie Falco's emmy and not be arrested for THEFT. Still, considering the rest of the field were some of the worst and most overrated actress performances ever (Minnie Driver was downright atrocious, Kyra Sedgewick is insulting to southerners, Patricia Arquette is hard to watch, and Mariska Hargitay is even harder), Field was the best of that bunch.

But Edie Falco should demand a recount.

Hotspur said...

The Emmys was ruined for me by the nominations. No "Friday Lights" or 'The Shield" None of their actors nominated !!!

From what Zod writes i am glad we missed the show and I forgot to set the DVR

Phillip Ramati said...

Well, you'll have the satisfaction knowing that this was the lowest-rated Emmys ever, so maybe they will undergo a vast retooling for next year.

zodin2008 said...

Just the fact that it won't be on FOX means no Seacrest, no round, "Idol" type of stage, and maybe someone in America will kidnap James Spader so he doesn't steal any more emmys next year.

Phillip Ramati said...

You know, as much as I'm opposed to Spader winning, I don't blame him. He's not responsible for the voters making him a nominee and giving him a statue.

The Emmy process needs to undergo a massive revision.