Friday, March 07, 2008

Some Good TV News (For A Change)

Two good pieces of TV news moved across the internet yesterday.

The first, for those fans of "24" facing the prospect of not seeing the new season until 2009, is that it looks as if the series will return sometime this year - in TV movie form.

Fox will put together a two-hour TV movie, set between the end of last season and the beginning of next year's - the season that was postponed from this year because of the strike.

There have been rumors of a "24" movie for a few years now, and even though it gets away from the show's format - each episode represents an hour of real time - it will probably help the show from a story-telling standpoint. The writers won't be forced to stretch the season-arc over such a long period of time, which should refine the storytelling process.

Meanwhile, things are looking up a third season of "Friday Night Lights." NBC is reportedly close to closing a deal with DirecTV about sharing a new season next year.

WEEKEND'S BEST BETS: Two of TV's most interesting dramas wrap things up Sunday night. The critically acclaimed "The Wire" (HBO, Sun., 9 p.m.) airs its series finale.

In addition, "Breaking Bad" (AMC, Sun., 10 p.m.) wraps up a very strong and interesting freshman season. The only negative about this show is that it may get a whole generation of kids interested in chemistry - for all the wrong reasons.

On Saturday, "Torchwood" is new.

Also, you can check out the state high school basketball playoffs on Georgia Public TV beginning today.

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