Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TV Is My Chicken Soup

Just a quick note today, since I'm out sick (it's a cold, not Tony LaRussa's mismanagement of the NL All-Stars last night. How do you leave Albert Pujols on the bench with two outs in the ninth? Seriously?)

"Traveler" (ABC, 10 p.m.) is close to wrapping up, and the pick of the night is "Rescue Me" (FX, 10 p.m.), as always.

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zodin2008 said...

Phillip, I hope you feel better.

Yes, Tony LaRussa makes me sick in general because he's an obnoxious human being who has madee unwarranted nasty remarks about Bobby Cox over the years, but last night, he completely screwed the National League and was deliberately selfish about it.

The reason he left Pujols on the bench of course is that the Cardinals are not in the race this year so he decided to say screw it, and rest his top guy. What is sickening is that he has screwed one of the many other NL teams that may make the W.S....the Braves, Mets, Brewers, Padres, Dodgers, Cubs...all because the Cards aren't in it---boo hoo.

I am sorry, I went off on my friends Blog about it this morning. Willie Randolph, Bobby Cox, Bud Black, Grady Little, Ned Yost...non of these Managers would have done that if they weren't in it because they all have too much class.

LaRussa's piggish actions last night (and he had 3 chances in a row with Freddy Sanchez, Orlando Hudson and Aaron Rowand...the NL's line of mediocrity all batting) is why Baseball is now going to have to re-think who gets to manage the all star game.

If this thing counts and if it's for home field advantage for that year's World Series, then you have to take away the managing duties from the previous World Series Managers, and instead honor the 2 Managers with the best records at the all star break, just like the NBA.

Had say Willie Randolph or Bud Black been managing last night (besides that they have more class in their little finger then LaRussa has in his whole body) you know they definitely would have used Pujols, probably put him in the game by the 7th. They have chances to go got the World Series and plus, they are better human beings then LaRussa.

I was disgusted last night. And yeah, my Braves are having a mediocre year, but if we get to the World Series (and let's face it, every contender in the NL has a shot), I will definitely not forget how LaRussa screwed us back on July 10th.