Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'll See You In Hell, Emmy Voters! (Part 1)

A very brief update today because of post-election stuff, but just a quick heads up that the absolutely frak-tastic Elizabeth Mitchell will not garner an Emmy nomination when the announcements are made tomorrow. That she is not among the top five (or even in the final 10, for that matter) is absolutely ludicrous and more proof that the Emmys, more than any other awards show, need an overhaul in the voting process.

For more on who has been confirmed as nominees, check out the LA Times' blog on it here:

I'll have a full analysis on the voters' other blunders tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY'S BEST BETS: C'mon, it's always going to be "Rescue Me" (FX, 10 p.m.)

"Traveler" (ABC, 10 p.m.) is also new among dramatic shows, while "Dateline" catches yet more online sex predators (NBC, 10 p.m.) At this point, just how stupid are these criminals?

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zodin2008 said...

I will wait until tomorrow for my big rant, but Elizabeth Mitchell is just one of many I will be having.

My expectations for Emmy is always low.