Friday, April 20, 2007

Who Is Fired, Who Is Hired

Sunday night marks the wrap-up for yet another season of the reality show, "The Apprentice."

In front of a live studio audience Sunday night, Trump and his kids will pick among four finalists for the right to oversee one of his many projects.

Of course, the twist this time around is that there are four finalists, rather than the normal two, and that the four were divided into teams of two for the final task. Since it's very difficult to separate the contributions of the individual team members in this tast (which was to produce a commercial for an air freshener), I'm guessing the other twist is that Trump will pick two apprentices for the first time.

That was almost the case two seasons ago, when Trump chose Randal as his apprentice, then offered him the chance to give the other finalist, Rebecca, the opportunity to take the open position Randal rejected. Randal, in his moment to be a mensch, famously said no, offering the logic "The show is called 'The Apprentice,' not 'The Apprenti.'" (It seems that the 20 degrees or whatever it was Randal had earned gave him the right to add words to the English language.)

This has been the weakest season of "The Apprentice." For one thing, Trump's kids are poor substitutes for the departed executives George and Caroline as his advisors. For another, Trump and co-creator Mark Burnett put in a lot of stupid faux twists into the show, like having the winning team's project manager keep the job until he or she lost, while having the losing teams stay in tents.

Also, this year's cast of finalists (with the exception of Stefani) is the least impressive crop Trump has produced. It's hard to imagine turning one of his projects over to the likes of Frank, for example.

Perhaps it's time for NBC to tell Trump, "You're Fired!"

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Phillip Ramati said...

I didn't do a Best Bets for the weekend, because there are mostly reruns and such. But viewers who want to refresh their memories before "Heroes" return Monday night can catch the last three episodes on Saturday night from 8-11 p.m. on NBC.