Monday, April 16, 2007

Cleaver Fever

For those of you who are "Sopranos" fans, you should already know that Christopher's movie, "Cleaver" had its premiere. But HBO is not just limiting itself to the episode.

The network, which often goes behind the scenes for upcoming blockbusters, has put together a mockumentary looking at the making of "Cleaver" (HBO, 7:45 p.m.) Included are interviews with the fictional "Sopranos" characters who made the movie.

Speaking of "The Sopranos," last night's was a little uneven. It's funny, all of the reviews I have seen were harsh on the season premiere while praising the second and third episodes. I thought the premiere was fantastic, especially watching Tony's brother-in-law Bobby being forced to give up his soul after defending his wife's honor. Bobby has been the most likeable of the gang, a nice guy with no mob ambitions who never killed anyone until getting in a fistfight with Tony and being forced to do his boss' bidding as his penance.

Last night's episode was rather uneven, setting up various plotlines for the rest of the season. The movie stuff was pretty good, but the Johnny Sac moments seemed at first drawn out, then rushed at the end. The Peter Bogdanovich moment was sheer brilliance, however.

MONDAY'S BEST BET: "Drive" (Fox, 8 p.m.) settles into its regular slot after its 2-hour premiere Sunday night. I think it wins the "Weirdest New Show" award, but it's worth another look. It's followed by a new "24."

CBS is all new with the exception of its best show of the night, "How I Met Your Mother." ABC is also all-new with its reality shows "Dancing with the Stars" at 8 p.m. and "The Bachelor" at 9:30 p.m.

NBC gives us new "Deal or No Deal" and "Thank God Your Here" while pulling "The Black Donnellys" in favor of "My Name is Earl" reruns at 10 p.m.

People should be aware that the networks may break into their regularly scheduled programming with news updates from the Virginia Tech tragedy.


Anonymous said...

The Virginia Tech story was truly horrific. Wow, what an awful tragedy.

I have enjoyed "The Sopranos" but Jonny Sack ended with a wimper, not a bang. You seem to continue to ignore Sunday's best show, "Entourage".

alex said...
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Phillip Ramati said...

I didn't have HBO when Entourage first aired, and thus never got into it. At some point, I may. I have mentioned Entourage in other postings before.