Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday, Part I: News and Stuff

It was both a good week and bad week for TV.

The best news of the week comes from NBC, which announced Thursday that "Heroes" (Mondays, 9 p.m.) would get a full season run of 22 episodes, the first new show of the season to get that commitment. I plan on posting a bit more on "Heroes" in Monday's blog. "Heroes" has been kicking butt in the 18-49 demographic that advertisers so crave.

Fans of the Sci-Fi Channel show "Eureka" will be happy to learn the series was renewed this week for a second season. I tried the first few episodes of "Eureka" but didn't find it all that enjoyable. It tried a little too hard to be quirky.

The bad news is that other shows don't appear to be as lucky. "Kidnapped" will end after 13 episodes, and NBC is shifting the show from Wednesdays (where it had a terrible lead-in with "The Biggest Loser") to the TV Wasteland that is Saturday nights. The news isn't all bad, though. The producers will be able to at least wrap up "Kidnapped's" storyline.

Additionally, "The Nine" (ABC, Wednesdays, 10 p.m.) lost a big chunk of viewership from its "Lost" lead-in. It's a bit puzzling, since ABC did a good job of promoting the show and the pilot was A-plus. "The Nine" has enormous potential so long as the writers give out the right amount of information about the robbery each week, not too little and not too much. I'm hoping positive word-of-mouth reviews will help this show along.

DVD PICK OF THE WEEK: "Nowhere Man" was one of the coolest series ever to debut on network TV. As part of UPN's original lineup and running as a companion show to "Star Trek: Voyager," the series was about a photographer who has lost his memory and may or may not have shot a picture that could compromise a lot of secretive types.

Bruce Greenwood starred as the title character and Megan Gallagher was his wife (or was she?), at least until the memory loss. The spirit of "Nowhere Man" was very similar in tone to "The Prisoner." Unfortunately, like most UPN shows, "Nowhere Man" never found an audience and was canceled after the first season, leaving the viewers with a terrific puzzle of a cliffhanger that was never solved.

FRIDAY'S BEST BET: See Part II, in a separate posting.

WEEKEND'S BEST BET: Hopefully, we will see the Mets clinch their NLDS on Saturday, though for this area, Georgia's annual war with Tennessee (ESPN, 7:45 p.m.) is the big sporting event of the weekend. Georgia will be without kicker Brandon Coutu, who is injured for the rest of the year, another reason why I'm not optimistic about this game.

Non sports fans may want to give "Masterpiece Theatre" (PBS, Sunday, 9 p.m.) a look. Airing this week is the BBC miniseries "Casanova," starring Peter O'Toole and written by "Doctor Who" executive producer Russell T. Davies. The newest Doctor Who himself, David Tennant, plays the younger version of the title character.


Anonymous said...

I really like what you are doing with your site. I'm glad you are covering The Nine, since I liked its premiere a lot too. I do wonder if ABC should position it after a drama, since it seems to be heading more to the drama theme than the sci-fi mystery theme of Lost. That was where the second half seemed to be going to me. I have been looking for sites covering The Nine and found one you might like at It has a pretty good name for The Nine and seems to be creating a complete resource fan site on the show. I found your blog via one of their feeds.

Phillip Ramati said...

Thanks for the note. Glad you like the site; tell your friends!

I see what you are saying about positioning the show with a dramatic one rather than a sci-fi one, but I disagree for two reasons.

1. Lost has ABC's biggest audience, so you always want to follow a show everyone is watching.
2. Like Lost, the show is about the characters in a unique crisis. During The Nine, we will learn more about these people before, during and after robbery, much like the Lost flashbacks about the islanders.

Glad to know is linking to us already. I have to view it from my home computer because it comes out funky on the work one.

Zodin2008 said...

sorry for my lateness in posting but I wanted to wait n see the BSG premier first.

I am ecstatic about "Heroes". I am grateful everytime TV can have a show of this nature & this calibre actually succeed. It gives me hope that we won't just have to live in a universe with CSI type shows and Reality dreck.

As for "The Nine" the pilot was the best of the year, yes, even better then "Heroes" but I think it's a dense night and people are exhausted after "Lost". There's also seemingly this blind bizarre loyalty to the mediocre and boring CSI franmchise and "CSI: NY" is the worst of the bunch. I will never understand the loyalt to this show over something creative like "The Nine".