Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Bonus: 'Sex' Reviewed

Thanks to the Cherry Blogger, Stephanie Hartley, for sending me her thoughts on the weekend premiere of "Sex & The City."

Here's her review:

Is it the perfect ending that all SATC die-hards have been waiting for? Not exactly. Is it worth your time, though? Most definitely. I was glad to see all four of our friends back together again after so long and there were definitely great moments. However, some moments felt a little awkward and some of the character portrayals were a little lacking. One friend said she thought Big was too nice, and I had some doubts about the way Samantha's character was developed. Charlotte and Miranda's characters seemed to be the most similar to what I had expected from their lives. That said, it was still enjoyable and I will probably still buy it when it comes out on DVD.

So, those of you who saw the movie, what are your thoughts?

Coming Monday: Network report cards


zodin2008 said...

Though I'd very much like to see the movie myself, I watched the baby this weekend while my wife went with her best girlfriend to see the movie on Saturday and she told me they both liked it very much and said the ending was very satisfying.

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