Friday, February 01, 2008

'Lost' Recap

You may want to skip this if you haven't seen last night's season premiere.


Still here? Good.

So, I've been reeling since last season's finale about eight months ago, and the wait has seemed interminable. But last night proved to be well worth it.

The episode was Hurley-centric, with a flash forward to what happens to the big guy after he gets off the island.

The episode opens with Hurley leading police on a car chase through L.A. We learn he was spooked by something while at a convenience store, and Hurley is grateful when the cop (Ana Lucia's former partner) sends him to the nuthouse.

Turns out Hurley is being haunted by the ghost of Charlie, who keeps telling him that Hurley has unfinished business on the island.

On the island, after helping to rescue Jin, Bernard and Sayid, the gang met up with Desmond, who passed along the news of Charlie's death and his warning about the boat people. Worried that the boat people would listen in on a radio warning to Jack, Hurley chucks the radio into the ocean.

On the march back to Jack and the rest of the Losties, Hurley gets separated from the group and stumbles upon Jacob's cabin. After seeing Jacob - who shall we say has some sort of connection to Christian Shepherd, Jack's dad - a terrified Hurley is found by Locke, who leads him back to his traveling party.

Meanwhile, Jack has made contact with the boat people. It turns out Naomi, of the boat, isn't dead, only wounded, and she's dragged herself off into the forest. Eventually, Kate finds her and Naomi convinces the boat people to come to the island for a rescue.

When the two groups of survivors finally meet up at the end, Jack beats up Locke and tries to make good on his promise kill Locke - only Locke's gun is empty. Locke convinces a portion of the Losties - including Hurley, Sawyer and Claire - that the boat people are up to no good and the two groups separate.

Meanwhile, in the present (or the future) Hurley tells a visiting Jack (pre-Grizzly Adams beard and pill problem) that he has kept a secret about the rescue so far and that he made a mistake picking Locke over Jack. He tries to convince Jack that they have unfinished business on the island, but Jack makes it clear he won't go back there.

What we learn:
--Hurley is one of six survivors from the crash to return to the real world. The only other ones we know of are Jack and Kate.
--Jacob may or may not be Christian Shepherd.
--Something pretty bad happened to the rest of the group, it would seem, something so bad that the "Oceanic Six" feel compelled to keep it from the rest of the world.

Some questions:
--How did Locke know about Charlie's message? He wasn't on the beach when Hurley found out.
--How or why was Christian Shepherd in the cabin?
--Why do only crazy people see Charlie's ghost, and was it a ghost or just a hallucination?
--If only six people made it back, what happened to everyone else?

The biggest question of all, though, is how am I going to deal with the fact there are only seven episodes left?

WEEKEND'S BEST BETS: Well, it's Super Bowl weekend, but there are a few other things of note on besides the big game.

"Friday Night Lights" (NBC, 9 p.m.) and "Las Vegas" (NBC, 10 p.m.) are both new tonight, as are "Monk" and "Psych" on USA.

On Saturday, "Torchwood" (BBC America, 9 p.m.) is also new.

After the Super Bowl, Fox is airing a new "House," with the time to be determined. Meanwhile, one of TV's best new series, "Breaking Bad" (AMC, 10 p.m.) is also new.


Jonathan said...

It was a great episode; to answer one of your questions. There might be more to it, but when it came back to the scene, Locke and Hurley were sitting down and chatting it up, and it looked like they had made themselves comfortable. So, I just assumed, Hurley had told Locke about Charley's message before we got involved in the scene.

Also, I enjoyed Eli Stone for the most part; probably wouldn't go out of my way to watch it if it weren't on after Lost, but since it is I will probably be sticking around.

And I guess based on that wacked out Oceanic Airlines promo, we're supposed to believe that the Oceanic Company now has something to do with all of this. Crazy. Can't wait for the next seven episodes.

zodin2008 said...

Ok, Pgillip, I must have turned my head at the wrong time to deal with a crying baby, but I didn't see what you were talking about with Christian Shephard? What scene at the cabin did I miss exactly?

But yes, "Lost", continues to be great and so happy it's back.

I haven't watched "Eli Stone" but will watch it this weekend off my DVR.

You kind of underpromoted "Friday Night Lights", which is still one of the best shows on Television!

Phillip Ramati said...

In my advancing age, I thought I remembered it as Hurley waking up with Locke standing over him and them going from there, but maybe you are correct.

Sorry for the truncated blog, but I had a busy morning. Eli Stone is certainly one of the more interesting concepts on TV. It's not on par (yet) with Pushing Daisies or Dirty Sexy Money, but it is a sign that, when it wants to be, ABC can be the most creative of all the networks.

As for FNL, tonight's is pretty Saracen-centric, though maybe young Matt shouldn't be using Tim Riggins as a role model; also, Smash's situation continues to get worse. I think next week is the last FNL that was shot pre-strike, so enjoy it while you can (though at 15 episodes, it's been far and away the most productive show on air, so it's tough for us to complain).

Also forgot to mention Part 1 of the two-part Flash Gordon season finale (Sci-Fi, 8 p.m.)

Anonymous said...

I too am confused about where you saw the connection between Jacob and Jack Shepard....?

Anonymous said...

I mean Christian Shepard

zodin2008 said...

"Eli Stone" was excellent, good call.

"Breaking Bad" was a repeat. Very disappointing!

Phillip Ramati said...

Anon, when Hurley was lost in the jungle and stumbled upon the cabin, which belongs to Jacob, he peered inside and saw what looked to be Christian Shepherd, Jack's dad. Does that mean Christian is Jacob, or just hanging out in the cabin with him? Or was that Christian at all?

My bad on Breaking Bad, it'll be new next week.