Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breaking: Directors, Studios Reach Tentative Deal

The Associated Press is reporting the Directors Guild of America and the AMTMP (the studios) have reached a tentative agreement for a new contract.

This may be a big step into bringing a close to the writers guild strike, in that the DGA deal may provide a framework for the WGA and the AMTMP to return to the negotiating table.

Details of the deal, which presumably includes some of the same issues the WGA is striking over, weren't released Thursday.

I'll have more on this when details develop.


zodin2008 said...

This only makes the writer's look like even bigg a--holes than they have been, the fact this deal happened so quickly.

To quote Homer Simpson when he's yelling at Flanders:

"In your face! In your face!"

On a serious note, I am pleased that one Union has a sense of fairness.

Phillip Ramati said...

Well, if the WGA had the same deal the DGA had, there may not be the same problems in reaching a new contract. In Hollywood, directors are treated like kings in the movie industry while writers are treated like second-class citizens.

And, I remind you once again that it's the studios that walked away from the negotiating table, not the writers. And, I remind you that studio execs are the only people in Hollywood getting paid right now.