Monday, November 13, 2006

Web Rewind Blues

Episodes of TV found at the network's Web sites could have been the greatest idea since sliced bread, if these things worked half the time.

But have the wrong Internet platform, the wrong type of computer, etc. and trying to download these episodes are more trouble than its worth.

This weekend I tried downloading from ABC, NBC and Fox, each with varying degrees of success.

Only with ABC was I able to use my office Mac with its high speed connection. NBC and Fox won't even work. However, with either the Mac or Windows platform, my viewing of last week's installment of "Ugly Betty" was choppy most of the time, with long gaps where the download would just freeze. It really made watching it unenjoyable.

With NBC, their "two-minute recap" of various episodes works fine with the Mac platform. But try downloading the full episode and nothing seems to work. Eventually, I was able to watch last week's "Friday Night Lights" on my PC. But my brother tried to find previous installments of "Kidnapped" on NBC's site, and could only find the most recent. So for the rest of us who missed a couple of installments while NBC yanked it off Saturday nights, we're pretty much screwed in trying to catch up.

Thanks again, NBC. There's no excuse not to put all of the previous episodes online.

Fox refused to download at all on my Mac when I tried to catch up with last week's "Bones." Eventually, after jumping through a lot of hoops downloading various extras, I was able to get it to run on my PC. It actually ran the most smoothly of the three networks.

At some point I'll try CBS and CW down the line to see what they offer. But if networks are trying to increase their Web traffic by making previously run episodes online, they need to make sure the episodes download correctly on all platforms, and keep all of the episodes on the Web.

FAREWELL TO "JUSTICE?": Fox's "Justice" is listed in your print editions of The Telegraph, but a quick check online with TV Guide shows that it's being pulled for a "House" rerun (Fox, 9 p.m.) from last season. The "House" rerun is arguably the cleverest one from last season, in which House tries to diagnose a case while playing in a poker tournament.

"Justice" is a decent show, though it has spent most of the year long on procedural and short on character development. It hasn't found an audience on two different timeslots, a shame because the rest of Fox's development slate for this year has been pretty awful thus far among the new shows.

WHAT ABOUT GOOD SHOWS?: "What About Brian" (ABC, 10 p.m.) has been given a full-season pickup despite so-so ratings. I'll admit, I've yet to watch a single minute of this show, but it's a little frustrating to see since ABC likely won't be picking up "The Nine."

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Zodin2008 said...

There were large objects flying in my household in not being able to find episode/day 6 of "Kidnapped" onm the web this past week+.

Yesterday, all we could get after several tries and clicking on several places was episode/day 7 but before we watched, we were able to find a moment by moment recap message boards section so after I uttered several 4 letter words, we just sat for 15-20 minutes reading the entire recap and then watched episode/day 7.

Needless to say, I am holding a major league grudge against NBC.Com. It's bad enough they could let this show just play out its lifespan on Saturday nights; but then they had to screw with the 2-3 million of us who really wanted to see all episodes play out and not even put episode/day 6 online???

I am HOPEFUL though that episodes 8-13 will now be placed ON TIME every Friday on their website so we can watch the last 5 episodes and see the mystery solved.

What a shameful way to treat such an excellent produced series with such a gem of a cast.

As for "Justice", it was one of the few procedurals we watched and we started watching from Day 1 because of Victor Garber and his performance alone should have kept this show around for a full 22, but it's further proof that unless "American Idol" hanging around, Fox cannot develop any shows separately.

In fact, maybe Fox should only launch shows with "American Idol" in January to give them a real chance to survive.