Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Neat Quiz

I found this in Wednesday's Telegraph and took it.

You answer a survey of questions and the computer calculates your answers and tells you which "Star Trek" character you are most like.

Me? Sadly, I graded out at 95 percent at being a redshirt -- one of the no-name security guys who beams down to the planet with Capt. Kirk and gets killed in the opening teaser. I would point out that in second place, at 70 percent, I was Capt. Picard.

What are you? An android? A singing communications officer?


Lifetime is re-airing "The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is not a fairy tale" (9 p.m.) Somehow, I managed to miss this gem the first time around, and I will be missing it tonight.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that since Fantasia is producing and starring in her own life story, it likely won't be a dispassionate, even-handed look at her life. Just guessing here. I mean, seriously, you have to wonder about your own biopic with you as the star. (I'm sure the Phillip Ramati Story will star Brad Pitt.)

I never watch "American Idol," so I can't say honestly if Fantasia deserved to win, though everyone seemed to jump on her bandwagon. I did, however, very unfortunately, catch her rendition of the National Anthem at baseball's all-star game that year. Now, being a professional sports writer for 12 years, I have heard more than my fair share of anthems.

Fantasia was the worst. Bar none. No one was even close. (Yes, I've heard the Roseanne Barr and Carl Lewis renditions, but the difference is, they weren't professional singers and they weren't even trying). Fantasia approached it like a performance, and my ears bled. For a brief moment, I actually envied the deaf.

So, please, watch something else tonight.

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Zodin2008 said...

GEE, As tempted as I am to watch Fantasia Barrino, (considering my seering hatred of all Reality TV), I think I will stick with "Bones", "Justice" and "Blade".